The Gutter Twins

With a newborn in the house, sometimes good things that are brewing are completely off your radar. Not three days ago I wondered aloud what Greg Dulli was up to these days, and a few mouse-clicks later I got a better-than-I'd-hoped-for answer. The long-awaited Saturnalia (on Sub Pop) disc is finally a reality after several years in the making, and unlike other mythical albums-in-the-making (read: Axl), this one is worth every minute of the wait. I hate the word 'supergroup', and these guys probably do too, but I do find that my old Screaming Trees and Afghan Whigs discs have not only endured the alt-rock blizzard they were born in, but have also fermented into an even tastier vintage than their mega-selling 90's counterparts. The new album delivers on the individual strengths of each member, and their shared darkness is a beautiful thing. The Gutter Twins "Idle hands"

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