Screw Daylight Savings

Ask anyone who even kinda knows me and they will tell you my favorite day of the year is the day we "fall back", and my least favorite day, not surprisingly, is the cruel, twisted day that we "spring ahead" (i.e. today). Adding insult to injury this year is our new mandate that we extend daylight savings to 75% of our year (as opposed to the already-too-large 58% in previous years). In fact, it's been shown that in many cases, the "extra" daylight actually contributes to more energy use, such as driving. Here in the hostile Nevada desert, where spring is already in full swing, it simply means that we will be turning on our AC sooner. And why can't the time change fall on a Friday so we have a couple days to adapt to the change? Doing it on Monday is simply mean-spirited. Some of us cherish that hour of sleep, especially now that we only get if for 3 months a year. Boomtown Rats "I Don't Like Mondays"

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