The Terrordactyls

Clever turns-of-phrase, thoughtful lyrics, emotions on the sleeve, and loads of sharp wit and dry humor predominate the self titled disc by The Terrordactyls. Self-described as "anti-folk" it's understated and quietly catchy, and the type of music that one tends to like instantly rather than umpteen plays later on your roommates Ipod. Their homemade video for the track "Devices" is a hoot, too. Refreshingly low key and unpretentious all the way around, I say three cheers for The Terrordactyls.

The Terrordactyls "Fall"
The Terrordactyls "Devices"


Damian said...

nice blog glad to see its going strong
i also like http://facethemusik.net/

Flash said...

That is a good site, thanks for the heads-up, and thanks for visiting!