George Orwell x Shepard Fairey Print set

"A couple of months ago, Shepard was approached by Penguin Books (UK) to do his take on the cover art for the literary classics, "1984" and "Animal Farm." Being that both books were inspirational and personal favorites of Shepard, this was a no brainer. For the release, Penguin Books did a promotion selling the books with a cover art print set. These prints were only available in the UK...UNTIL NOW! The print set is available in a very limited quantity. The set will be released on 12/31 between noon and 3pm. They are offset prints, size A2 (about 17" x 24"), Edition of 200, signed/numbered. The print set will be available for $140. ONLY THE PRINTS WILL BE AVAILABLE." Limited 1 set per person/household, you can order here on 12/31.

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