Brass Bed

If you've ever wondered what the Flaming Lips might sound like if they were a SoCal rock band in the '70s (and really, who among us hasn't wondered that?), it might sound something like Brass Bed. Their full-length Midnight Matinee dropped about six weeks ago, and it exudes that dreamy rock charm that only comes from nights spent listening to Pet Sounds with Fleetwood Mac in a Laurel Canyon bungalow with a backpack full of drugs in 1976. Of course this is 2008, and the band is from Louisiana, so that pretty much shoots my theory in the ass. But this disc is good, reeeaaally good. I rocked on my recent outing to San Antonio, and played back to back with that Graham Nash reissue (see below) in the warm autumn air was a breath of surreal magic. I have yet to confirm if they cover "Lay Lady Lay".

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