Bowling + Rollercoaster = Fun!

Years ago when the first edition of Roller Coaster Tycoon came out, I gave it to my brother for the holidays. He was a college senior at the time, appreciated the gift, but insisted that I babysit it for his final semester. He feared that such a distraction could cost him his Bachelors. I thought he underestimated himself, until I took it back to my place. Two weeks passed and I suddenly found myself unshaven, with bloodshot eyes, and acutely addicted to coffee. His fears, as it turns out, were not unjustified. I was as reluctant to return the game as Gollum was to give up the ring, and I have scarcely let myself play any video game ever since. During my madness, I found all the sick little quirks the programmers put in games these days, like being able to drown the Park's entertainers (with little apparent consequence). It was refreshing to discover that I'm not the only twisted bastard who played this doomed contest:
(Thanks Veshi!)

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