The Ting Tings

A month or so ago I heard the Ting Ting's song "Great DJ" blaring from my old stomping grounds KCRW. I was visiting LA under less than ideal circumstances, stressed out in traffic, and I have to admit, on first listen the song pretty much annoyed me. But it stuck with me like a bad tuna sandwich. After walking around a few days later not only humming the instantly memorable lyrics, but also morphing them into my everyday speech (like "can you hand me a beer-eer-eer-eer-eer- eer?" or "please let out the dog-ah ah ah ah ah") much to the annoyance of anyone in earshot. Since then, the simple magic of the tune has grown on me, and I greatly anticipate a full-length due on Columbia Records at some point. Yes, we're expecting great Tings (sorry) from this band. If you still haven't heard the song, you can do that here. Low-budget early 80s style music video clip here.

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