Cover Choon Thursday: Loose Acoustic Trio

If you know what Cover Choon Thursday is, than I owe you some thanks, as it means you've been reading the various incarnations of this site for a long time. If you don't know what it is, you're forgiven, because even in its heyday (and you really can't call it that), I could scarcely remember to do it when Thursday rolled around. Nonetheless, I will do my best to revive it, as I have a great weakness for good cover songs, as many of us do. Today's fun comes straight outta Sacramento and the old timey sound of Loose Acoustic Trio as they tackle The Who nugget "Pinball Wizard." A lot of labels think its funny to churn out genre-defying covers of rock songs (you've seen the "Pickin' on the {insert band}" series, no doubt), but every once in awhile an act turns the joke on its nose and shines through with enough authenticity to make you forget what the original even sounded like, as LAT does here. "Wizard" is one of many bright spots on their new disc Sorrow Be Gone, a meaty volume of jug band, bluegrass, and foot-stompers that will sound at home next to your O Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack. Speaking of cover songs, it seems The Who themselves are also not immune from their lure. Loose Acoustic Trio "Pinball Wizard"

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