If, like me, you prefer your hip-hop strictly on the on the old school tip, then we are about to be blessed with a truly essential compilation. On May 27th Tommy Boy Records will drop What Does It All Mean?: 1983-2006 Retrospective, a retrospective of the production and remix gifts of Steinski (Steven Stein). On the one hand, the mountains of samples he used would have always precluded a collection like this, but on the other hand, with all the mix cassettes we've been carrying around for all these years, it still blows me away that some kind of Steinski collection hadn't surfaced sooner than now. The guy is a legend for crying out loud. Without him Fatboy Slim and Cut Chemist would be spinning classic rock songs at the local roller rink. The collection is a two-disc embarrassment of riches. Appropriately, it kicks off with The Payoff Mix.

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