Free Grooverider!

One of the more disheartening music world stories to surface while I was out was the jailing of our Radio 1 friend Grooverider in Dubai. The Drum-n-Bass heavyweight was locked up for four years for an absurdly trivial two grams (!) of marijuana. Even more astonishing is the fact that four years is the minimum sentence in Dubai for any drug offense (the maximum is death). Despite developing a reputation as one of the world's new premier party spots, the country has a zero tolerance policy towards controlled substances. Word is that many Westerners have been pardoned despite their similar sentences, and one hopes Grooverider will receive similar leniency, and quickly.

Fabio & Grooverider @ 1xtra, 2/10/08
Grooverider @ D&BARENA, October '07
Grooverider @ 1nation Clash of the Titans 2007

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