Daft Punk "Around The World (Live)"

One of the hazardous outcomes of being away from the blogosphere, even for a short few weeks, are the little things that can pass you by. Or even the not so little things. Imagine my horror as I checked this blog's email account and found that I could have had all access passes to the 3rd incarnation of Vegoose (cruelly scheduled the weekend I moved back in October), complete with photo credentials. And hearing recordings like this one from Daft Punk from Vegoose (to say nothing of the tragedy of missing Public Enemy, Rage Against the Machine and others) does not make it any easier. It was a bitter lesson, but rest assured, I have learned.
Daft Punk "Around the World/Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (Live)"

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HEELLLO!!! What is your email address? I have some links that you might be interested in, and wanted to email them to you.. But I cannot seem to find ur email address on this site.