Welcome Back DJ Sets

Wow, what a hiatus! Not to sell you excuses, but I've been more than a little overwhelmed with moving into my new home, some classes, too much work, Thanksgiving, an extended visit from the in-laws, and the ongoing anticipation of one Little Flash (who is cruelly due on Super Bowl Sunday). Even as I type this I am laid up in bed with the first sniffles of the season. But blogging calls, and now as life slowly resumes its relative normalcy, so does Flash Vegas. It's always easy to say around the holidays, but I've got big aspirations for my humble little blog for 2008. I don't know what the "next level" would actually mean in the blogosphere, but I will at least look for one, and hopefully find one. Welcome back everyone; I thank you unendingly for your patience. Now here's a bounty of big beats:

Felix Da Housecat @ NRG, 11/17/07
Elektrotherapy Podcast #30 feat Neo Filigrante
Armin Van Buuren @ Cream 10/20/07
Monica Electronica @ I Love Techno 2007
Modeselektor @ Avalon, Hollywood, 10/20/07
Underworld: Resident Advisor 080, 11/26/2007

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