The White Stripes "Icky Thump"

As I prattled two years ago when Get Behind Me Satan came out, The White Stripes are the last band whom I can honestly say gets me to the record store on the day of their latest release (unlike when I was younger and my entire calender hinged on the release dates of my favorite artists). Yes, some lucky music purveyor in the greater Las Vegas area will be $15 richer. CDs in and of themselves are falling by the wayside...I could just as easily grab it from ITunes...but the Stripes are that lone attachment to my many years as a bedroom music nerd who pored over the liner notes and lyrics as if (hoping) I would latch onto some secret information or private joke as my mind was simultaneously being melted by the sonic assault from my floor speakers. Ah, the good old days. If you like the band also, but would like to forgo the nerd-dom, you can pre-order the disc (called Icky Thump, like the first single) here. Otherwise, you can find me at Zia Records (and then my bedroom) on June 19th. Check out the track "Icky Thump"


adrian said...

Yes!! I cannot wait! They're playing the Greek Theatre in September. It made my top-5 concert list the last time I saw them there so I'll definitely be in attendance.

Danny said...

I'm embarassed I don't have the album yet. Thanks for your comment the other day, we appreciate it.