The Police "Demolition Man"

The day after this year's Grammy Awards, the local news media was apparently as excited as I was that The Police are getting back together. Sting, Stewart, & Andy kicked off their 30 year anniversary (a tour is planned for summer) by opening the show with "Roxanne," which still sounds oddly fresh all these years later. It seems the musical idols of my adolescence (See the Van Halen diatribe a few posts down) are conspiring to help me enjoy the sounds of my awkward 80's existence, and see concerts I was just slightly too young to see in their heyday. And although this occasionally makes me feel a bit old, I still can't shake the warm feeling that perhaps the world is magically trying to right itself, somehow. Today's download is one of my all-time favorites from the band (killer bass line), that is until Sting himself butchered it for a movie soundtrack back in the 90s.
Download "Demolition Man"

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