Misstress Barbara on Proton Radio, 10/18/06

Here I sit, broken-hearted, my friends, as I have received a double whammy of bad news. 1) My beloved Canadian techno queen Misstress Barbara will not be making her scheduled visit to my fair city this evening because 2) my favorite club here in Vegas has decided to close down for good. There are other venues making the case that they will ease my pain (not the least of which is Empire Ballroon), but I can't help but feel a bit blue at the loss of ICE, a true Vegas house music mecca. You could argue this is a triple whammy, since my plans for the evening are now up in the air. Boo-hoo. Poor Flash.

It's been a bloody long time since Miss Barbara has graced the Western U.S. with some tour stops, and it looks like I'll have at least a bit more of wait. The silver lining is that she has released on of the better mix discs of the year "Come With Me" (a link to it is below, check it out) which showcases her evolution from pounding techno to a combination of juicy electro, funky house, and minimal tech. The climax is her own excellent floor-banger "I Love You."

You can catch a hint of what I'm talking about in today's download from Proton Radio, which features tracks from the likes of DJ Hell, Davidovitch, & Kaliber. If you've never caught her live, check out the video (under "Pictures" on her website to see what you've been missing (and hat I shall continue to miss, at least for tonight). Download here.

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