Tall Paul on Kiss 100, 4/27/2006

Well, the wind whistling over my army of empty beer bottles tells me that another rare but lovely three day weekend is drawing to a close. I did manage to cram a good bit of fun into it, however, not the least of which was catching a free show from Tall Paul at ICE. The last time I'd seen our Limey friend was a hungover Sunday set at the Standard poolside, way back in 2001. Holy crap! Although he started off with a slower creeper groove, by the 4th track ( a sick remix of Gorillaz "Dare"), the roof had been sufficiently blown off, where it stayed for the rest of the night. One of the best club nights I've had in years. And Paul, I promise, it won't be five years before I see ya again. Cheers. Download here.

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