Mr. Lovely's Mash-Up/Bootleg Extravaganza

Been meaning to record your loved one a special mix for the holidays, but as the days fly by, you realize you're running out of time? I can say without hesitation or overstatement that you'll feel just as good (and give a gift just as unique) by taking a few minutes to download this beauty from the always reliable Mr. Lovely. Great for that holiday house party, too. Oh yeah.

01. Desmond Dekker & The Israelites - Come Together
02. Snow Patrol - Run (Freelance Hellraiser mix)
03. Treva Whateva - Singalong
04. Greyboy - Got To Be A Love (ft. Quantic and Sharon Jones)
05. Wedding Present vs. Beastie Boys - Those Were the Hard Days (Lovely mix)
06. Usha Uthup - I Will Survive
07. Zap Pow - This Is Reggae Music
08. Go Home Productions - Turn Out The Light Slave
09. Happy Mondays - Stayin’ Alive
10. Tone Loc vs. Kelis - Funky Cold Milkshake (Lovely mix)
11. Herbert vs. Bros - Hoping to be Famous (Lovely mix)
12. Soulwax - Teachers
13. Dupree vs. AC/DC - Back in Brass (Lovely mix)
14. Michael Jackson vs Eric B & Rakim - Follow the Thriller (Collective Discharge mix)
15. New Order vs. Gwen Stefani - Waiting for Sunrise (Lovely mix)
16. Dsico That No-Talent Hack - Smells Like Electro
17. Sly & The Family Stone - Dance To The Music
18. DJ Riko - P-Funk Is Playing At My House
19. Franz Ferdinand vs. Beastie Boys - Triple Take (McSleazy mix)
20. Mongo Santamaria - Hip Hug Her
21. Brady Bunch Kids - Drummer Man
22. All The People - Cramp Your Style
23. King Bee - Cold Slammin’
24. Madison Avenue vs. Dead Or Alive - Don’t Spin Me Baby (Collective Discharge mix)
25. Erykah Badu vs. Kool & The Gang - Summer Madness On And On (Lovely mix)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Flash,

I just stumbled across some kind words you posted about "Idiot Mash" a while ago on your blog. Thanks for the props.

If you enjoyed Idiot Mash you'll love the 3 Block Party, House Party and Party Line mixes I've recently collaborated on under the name Collective Discharge. Those mixes, and the rest of my/our stuff, are all accessible from www.collectivedischarge.com.


shake500 said...

Is there any way you can reupload this mix with the Snow Patrol remix? The link doesn't work.