Cover Choon Thursday: Liz Phair

Today I'd like to kick off what I hope will be a long-lasting semi-feature here at Flash Vegas: Cover Choon Thursday, where we have a listen to one of my favorite indulgences: good cover songs.

My favorite cover of the fortnight has to be Liz Phair's rendition of the Stones classic "Mothers Little Helper," and I enjoy it for a number of reasons. First and most obviously, it's a faithful rendition of a great song. She doesn't toy too much with the arrangement and delivers the vocal with a surly swagger that must have made Mick proud (and if it didn't, screw him). I mean, you really believe her when she spouts the opening declaration "What a drag it is getting old...." And as a former indie-princess turned mother, one has to wonder if Liz herself doesn't have some particular attachment to the song.

This track is featured on the Desperate Houswives soundtrack (did we really require one?), and to that end its all a bit too cute. But taken on its own, this is a great choice for a Phair cover. Thanks Liz.

Liz Phair "Mothers Little Helper"

Visit www.lizphair.com

And for the ultimate in cover songs, you can't beat Copy, Right?

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