Cover Choon Thursday: Hal

My second installment of Cover Choon Thursday comes on this most somber of musical occasions. I was just a munchkin when Lennon was shot, but I remember how it resonated with every adult in my world; Lennon fan or not. Only a few years followed before The Beatles became my favorite band (a fact that hasn't changed), and the entire world of music was opened to my impressionable mind. Nothing I write on this little blog will be new to the exaltations of Lennon that have been said in the last 25 years. Suffice it to say that when he left this world, he left a gaping hole that can't and won't ever be fixed.

Hal's cover of "Mind Games" is one of the highlights of the fantastically realized covermount albumQ Lennon Covered #2, from Q Magazine. Hal also has a lot to brag about: No.1 album of the year in French music magazine MAGIC, and also have been nominated for Best Irish Band of 2005 at the Irish Music Awards. Great band. Let's keep an eye on them, shall we?

Hal "Mind Games"

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