Are you a Trance-cracker?

Have you ever been one? Do you know one? Do you know someone who might be dabbling in trance? While you think it over, here's some muzik from aforementioned "false gods":

DJ Tiesto @ Heineken Music Hall 3/12/05
DJ Tiesto @ Dance Department, 12/25/04
Paul van Dyk Orchestral Show 11/21/05
Paul van Dyk Live @ Lima Peru, 10/02/2005
Paul Oakenfold @ Creamfields Buenos Aires 11/12/05
Armin Van Buuren - A State Of Trance 210

And remember, it's never too late to help a trancecracker.
(Thanks to Vegasguy for passing this around!)


Permit said...

my god that was the best comic i have ever read.
i have been going to raves for well over 10 years here in canada. They have progressed into a dirty trance hole.
myself, i am the largest fan of drum and bass this side of england.
boooo ya

Flash said...


My favorite line is "I thik his neighbor is a harsh fanboy or some shit..."

D-n-B rules. I love minimal Richie Hawtin style techno myself.

Have a great weekend Gsus.