Cover Choon Thursday: David Bowie

Black Tie White Noise is an often underrated volume of the Bowie catalog. Recorded as a wedding gift to his then-new wife Iman, it was practically forgotten almost as soon as it was released. The new label it was released on (Savage) closed its doors mere days after BTWN hit the streets, and scarce little promotion ensued. But two excellent reissues have made the rounds in recent years, and if you're a collector it's worth checking out. Taken as an expression of love, this is Bowie at his most straightforward and danceable (i.e., not esoteric or high concept), and for some Bowie fans, that's a problem. And to be fair, it's not his most consistent work. But fans of his classic Young Americans should take absolute delight in it, as it continues the motif of Philly soul. It also contains a handful of covers, two of which make up this installment of Cover Choon Thursday. The first is a spot on rendition of Cream's "I Feel Free", and the more curious selection of Morrissey's "I Know it's Gonna Happen Someday."
David Bowie "I Feel Free"
David Bowie "I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday"

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