Trey Anastasio "Back On The Train" (10/7/05)

Apologies for the short lapse in posts. Like many of you, I'm scurrying to prepare for hosting the incoming relatives. Over the weekend I attended a college football game between beleagured local program UNLV and my beloved alma mater: Colorado State. I haven't been to a game since I graduated in 1998, and it was long overdue indulgence; beautiful football weather, great vibes, and a win (CSU 31, UNLV 27). I was particularly happy (and proud) to see a contingent of about 4 to 5 thousand CSU fans caravan out to the support the team (or use the game as an excuse for a weekend in Vegas).

Seeing them carry on time honored traditions like shotgunning beers, painting their bodies in the requisite school colors, and driving long distances in an RV for no particular reason inspired me to take a brief time out from the Euro-thump choons I've been posting here, and daydream back to my crunchy Fort Collins roots. When you think about it, the hipppie scene and the raver scene aren't dissimilar (chemicals, long songs, happy kids), and while I can't claim to know if any of the pictured students would actually call themselves "hippies", their carefree attitudes and easy laughter made me immediately think of the similarly spirited jam bands.

Here's a great-quality crowd recording of Trey singing the old Phish tune "Back On The Train" last month. Since Phish disbanded Trey has been touring his latest creation 70 Volt Parade with mixed blessings from the fickle faithful (read any of the forums on Phantasytour.com to see some aggressive debate on the subject). Different from Phish shows, he now often includes a short solo acoustic set, where today's selection comes from. This song (originally on Farmhouse) used to be a chugging road anthem, be here, the lyrics take on an altogether different meaning, considering the band's recent break-up:

"Now I'm gone and I'll never look back again-
I'm gone and I'll never look back at all.
You know I'll never look back again,
I turn my face into the howling wind,
it took me a long time to get back on the train..."

Download: Back On The Train (10/7/05).

Trey's most recent solo release Shine was one of the discs tainted with Sony's rootkit nonsense. Hopefully this won't adversely affect sales (all copies are said to have been recalled), but if you're wary of exposing your computer, buy it from ITunes.

Even CSU dogs enjoy a good brew.

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