Some Magda Live Sets

I can't claim to be too much of an expert on Magda, except to say that her dj sets themselves are expert, and that she is something of a Batgirl to Richie Hawtin's Batman. Like Hawtin, she's a progenitor of the minimal techno and glitch tone sound that defines areas like Berlin and Detroit. Venturing far beyond the tired realms of 4-on-the-floor digre, it's rather a symphony of millions of atoms quietly splitting.

From the website 'Women of Techno':
Comparable to many North American cities, Magda's primary place of influence, Detroit, has been experiencing a lull where once there was a booming scene and lucrative market for techno music and events. "As far as techno, I think it's not good right now. It's just hard to keep things consistent and keep people excited and going out. I feel like there?s a big gap? I think we were the last ones to come out of the experience of a community in Detroit that was excited and I think after that was the whole mainstream rave culture blow up and that was completely separate from us in a way. So there was no mentoring system that continued. Now that has died, so people are trying to create new things and see what's going on."
Read the entire Women Of Techno entry here.

Magda @ Le Triptyque (Paris) 08.10.2005
Magda @ Technique 02/05/2005
Magda @Kindergarten, Manchester, March 2005


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the correct url for Magda @ Technique 02/05/2005 are:

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Anonymous said...

the mix from the 2nd part of technique, is very very good. it's just a shame you have to stream it, has anyone got any ideas how i could possibly download it?


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