Steely Dan's Lost Guacho Album

I owe a big thanks to Aquarium Drunk for pointing this little gem out to me over the summer. I've had it in steady rotation pretty much ever since, and if you're even a passing Steely Dan fan, you need to have it.

Aja came out in 1977 and Steely Dan took three years fighting with their record company before they released Gaucho in 1980. Unknown to most fans was the "lost" Gaucho, a complete album vastly different to what was released. Of the songs that appeared on Gaucho only three appeared on this lost version in different form. Read more from the original link: http://www.bigomagazine.com/archive/ARrarities/ARsdgaucho.html

Big O no longer has the tracks avaiable for download, but since my generosity knows no bounds, I have created a zip file of the entire disc here.

01 Kind Spirit
02 Were You Blind That Day [early version of Third World Man]
03 The Bear
04 The Second Arrangement
05 Talkin’ About My Home
06 Time Out Of Mind
07 Kulee Baba
08 Gaucho [instrumental]

This album can be freely traded. Visit www.steelydan.com.


Shaun said...

Hi. I am currently at about 1% through downloading the Steely Dan, and even though this might not ever finish, I just want to say a big thank you for being so kind and posting this! Hopefully this'll go through, but thanks for the opportunity or whatever!

Flash said...

Thanks, I hope it worked. Let me know if it didn't and we'll work something out! Cheers!

Jenny said...

Oh thank you soo soo much. I'm a danhead and didn't know these were available. NOW I have them! YEAH!

jos said...

hi, i've checked out your site before, and was directed to you via a search. i'm going through a steely dan phase you turned up online as having the 'lost' gaucho session. megaupload seems to be acting up, it alternately is giving me a message which says the file is missing or has exceeded the download limit. can you help a former alter boy who's down on his luck? thanks

Flash said...

I refreshed the link. Give it another try...and thanks for visiting!

jos said...

i feel like i've got the holy grail now. thanks, flash vegas rules!