Over Our Dead Bodies: Chinese Democracy

Just a few hours from now, pigs will be flying and hell will be frozen, as it appears the impossible folly of Chinese Democracy, rock music's Spruce Goose, will finally be upon us. Now sure, in the next few hours, something ridiculous could happen (and in the legacy of this album, one almost expects it), but enough promos have now made the rounds that the songs "Axl-n-Friends" have been whiling away for more than a decade and a half can't possibly be kept under wraps any longer. What a weird end to a weird journey. I'm sure I'll have plenty to say about this in the days to come, but right now I have to run around and say "There will be democracy in China before there's Chinese Democracy" and other expiring jokes while I still can, and from the early press, it sounds like Axl might indeed have the last laugh. In the meantime, here's a couple of good reads on the subject:

  • Fargo Rock City author and funny cat Chuck Klosterman's review makes more than its share of valid points, while still offering plenty to argue about.
  • MTV lets Eagles of Death Metal frontman Jesse "The Devil" Hughes hear the album and give some impressions. Hughes is apparently just as funny and sharp in conversation as he is on record.
  • I, Axl, a hilariously creative blog I've already enjoyed for months is bound to get some narrative lifeblood from the [apparent] release of Chinese Democracy.
  • The New York Times begins the [unsurprising] barrage of negative criticism that the album will no doubt receive. Based on the circumstances of its creation and release, some might argue it is deserved.

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This guy picked a fight with Tommy "Style is no style" Hilfiger.

WTF?! He coud have at least punched out Donna Versace or something.