Jim Rome Rants On "Hombrew Guy"

If you've ever been handed a glass of thick, dark sludge that you're told is beer, tried not gag when you sipped it, and didn't have the heart to tell the brewer that it's disgusting then you have to hear this rant by radio host Jim Rome. Eschewing his singular sports talk for a few minutes, Rome does the dirty work for you. Hilarious. (For more info on subscribing to his podcasts and streaming, visit www.jimrome.com.)


Anonymous said...

Good one, Flash. Romey rants are awesome. Yeah, the guy who wants to "work in a set" while you're concentrating on the precision of your 500th ab crunch SHOULD BE MADE to swill down a big jarful of homebrewed panther piss. It always tastes something akin to licking a wet otter's crotch. Makes Bud Light taste like Dark Lord Imperial Stout.

Flash said...

Yeah, Rome is a riot. I generally get at least one huge laugh a day out of his show, but this was one of my favorites.