Aviary Ghost

It's still in the triple digits here in Vegas, so on some level it's still too early for me to get into "cold weather music", which is not so much a genre as a feeling; you can often tell when the artist has sat through some evil winters (The Smiths were cold weather music, much Canadian techno is also chilly), and their songs are particularly relatable on overcast, cool days. Having said that, I couldn't pass up the chance to talk about Aviary Ghost, and their brilliant, self-released disc Memory Is A Hallway. AG hails from Michigan, and the lush sounds on this disc are the sounds of cabin fever and the color of drizzle on windows. Many styles are abound (folk, jazz...too many to name), but all the diversity is unified by its singular feeling. The lyrics and structures are strong, punctuated by occasional warm swells of guitar. This album will be perfect in February, but it still sounds pretty great right now.
Aviary Ghost "The Brain is a House"

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