29 terrific instrumentals by bands that usually sing

Whoa, where does the time go? Apologies for the lapse, but you know how it is with us super-famous media moguls; we take a couple weeks off in the slowest days of summer to prepare for the prime time of Fall Sweeps. I really should get myself an intern though to keep the rusty hamster wheel that is this blog creaking in a somewhat forward motion. If you'd like to be my music blog intern, send me your resume (no dudes, please).

Somehow seeing a blog post infinitely better than most of mine got me going again, and it's from the good folks at AV Club. They've concocted a list of "29 terrific instrumentals by bands that usually sing", and they've done a pretty good job of it. Like any good list, it leaves plenty of room for argument, particularly in regards to exclusions, and like any good blog post, there is great discussion/suggestion/vitriol in the comment section. See what you think.

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