This Is Ivy League

There's an "Excessive Heat Warning" in effect here in Vegas today, a fairly surreal event where radio broadcasts are interrupted by the National Weather Service to tell you that it's hot outside, much in the same way they would warn listeners in the Midwest that a tornado is coming. Since it has been in the triple digits daily for over a month here, you'd think people would already know that it's a bit toasty out there, but the warnings are trying to tell them "no, seriously, it's really hot...". It can be oppressive when you're just trying to do your everyday tasks, but at the same time, it's a great occasion to dig out the lazy hazy summer tunes, which brings us to the self-titled disc by This Is Ivy League. It dropped back in April, just in time for the season it best suits. Great, breezy harmonies, jangling guitars, and bittersweet songwriting are everywhere here, and when you hear that the band hails from NYC via Florida, it all just seems to make some weird sense. So with this disc and a cooler full of icy beverages, I'm ready for anything this Excessive Heat Warning can throw at me.
"The Richest Kids In Town"
"Crown of Love" (Arcade Fire Cover)

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