Podflash.net Presents: Dirty Hippie Week

Last weekend it was uncharacteristically overcast here in Vegas. It didn't rain like it should have, and by most standards it was still pretty hot. But the cloud-cover dropped our temps about 20 or so degrees, and like kids on a snow day, everybody ran outside to mess around. It was the first time this year that I've felt that hippie tingle this year, that itch I got all through college in Northern Colorado (CSU, go Rams!!). Summertime was synonymous with big hippie rock shows and large amounts of time spent doing absolutely nothing; something the scenic mountains only seemed to encourage. Although I've long since outgrown that mode, it was undoubtedly a simpler time that I get nostalgic for (oddly enough) whenever you get the perfect warm summer day. Although Vegas quickly returned to its trademark oppressive, blow-drier style heat 2 days later, those 2 days were enough to inspire me to devote a week to those of you still doing your summer days justice and letting your (organic hemp) freak flag fly. So, without further ado, I present to you the first annual Podflash.net "Dirty Hippie Week" (clearly those special brownies have forever warped my judgement). Enjoy, brah.
Top graphic by oSKARt, bottom graphic by welsix, both from deviantART.

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