I got hip to NEGATIVLAND more than 18 years ago on a tip from a bus boy at a Red Lobster (there are several things I don't like about that statement, but it's true). Hard to believe now that 18 years only comprises about two thirds of the career of the audio-collage geniuses, and maybe harder to believe that throughout that career, only now is the "band" releasing a song-based "album", Thigomatic, out now on Seeland Records. But make no mistake, although there certainly is (quite good) music of their own comprising abound here, it's still the NEGATIVLAND you've always loved. The brilliant sonic pastiche is still intact, honed to clever perfection, as evidenced on these tracks: "Richard Nixon Died Today" and "Basketball Plant".
If you've never 'sampled' the joys of NEGATIVLAND, this is a great place to jump in and work backwards.

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