Dirty Hippie Week Salutes: Passed Out Wookies

Anyone taking in even a few shows by any band in the hippie canon over the last ten to fifteen years no doubt has seen a growing clan of Wookies. You know who I'm talking about. They're generally so hairy that they make regular granolas look like stockbrokers. They've cast personal hygiene into the wind. They wander around parking lots getting loaded and probably, almost certainly, have no tickets to the show (unless someone "Miracles" them), and generally have taken their experience into a realm few of us can relate to...particularly when they pass out. Passed Out Wookies has done a marvelous job capturing their essence, although since the site is rarely updated, one suspects that Wookies themselves are probably running it. At any rate, if you need a quick laugh, you're likely to get one here.

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