You don't catch a truckload of hip hop here on this little site, for much the same reason as you don't find theory on Mayan Ruins here: I'm just not an expert on the subject. Sure, back in the day with my Puma sweats and boom box, I could kick it old school with the best of them, but those days are as distant a memory as MC Serch's career. Still, once in awhile I stumble upon something that still begs to be mentioned, despite my lack of expertise, simply because there is an undeniable spark. Enter Alltruisms and his disc Clusterbombs (Gravel Records, available now), full of sharp, clever wordplay and funky lo-fi production; two of my favorite hip hop traits. As Mr. Burns once said on The Simpsons "...I know what I hate...and I don't hate this!" Word. Alltruisms "Nine Digit #"

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