Hem Pea Freeze

Radius Logan Square (Rent's Due)
Beautiful, sample-based instrumental funk that exudes the isolation of winters in the city.
Raconteurs "You Don't Understand Me"
I'm loving the second helping of Jack White & Co.'s analog 70's rock fog.
Tally Hall "Banana Man"
Sonic smartass-ery in the proud tradition of They Might Be Giants or Ween.
From Bubblegum To Sky "Even The Sunbeams"
Brian Wilson-ish chilly summer pop from one-man-band/control freak Mario Hernandez. His latest full-length, A Soft Kill, drops 6/3/08.
Meat Puppets "Plateau"
For no other reason than I wanted to hear it this morning.
Graphic by: http://arlindosantos.deviantart.com/

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