Brand New Pants, the new disc from Copenhagen's Wolfkin, is one of those delightfully dual-purpose records that serves both the active and passive listener. The well-crafted and catchy melodies thrust one song into the next, and serve only too well as a soundtrack for your everyday activities (cooking dinner, picking up the dry cleaning, etc), and you'll find your brain replays them again and again when you're away from the record. But better still is the active listening experience; Brand New Pants is one of those discs that begs you to pop open some Merlot, turn out the lights, and gaze out at the stars while your brain breathes in the dense and deep lyrics that are around every turn on tracks like "The Great Divide", "A Vacant Heart", and "These Are All Illusions". Their sound, a collision of various pop noir styles, is not easy to pin down, but if you can close your eyes and try to imagine David Bowie or Nick Cave fronting The Attractions, that might be a good place to start. Brand New Pants is available now on Crunchy Frog Records.

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