Tilly and The Wall

I have a friend from Omaha who was always yapping how great the music scene was there, and I was like "hey man, if you're into 311, that's your business." Seriously I might think of Omaha when I think about getting a good steak, but it doesn't exactly spring to mind when I think of great indie pop. But then along comes Tilly and The Wall to prove my friend right. In fact, even if Tilly & The Wall were the only good band in Nebraska (and now I suspect they are not), my friend would still be right, given the enormous amounts of character and creativity the band seems to pack into each tune. Even their upcoming disc (called O for lack of an actual title...kinda like Led Zeppelin IV) will have limited edition runs of handmade prints available by different artists that will act as the record’s cover, giving the band’s fans a unique piece of art for both their album and their walls. The album officially drops 6/17 on Team Love Records, and will include "Cacophony"

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