Weiland's A Cryin'

Unlike my teen years, the antics of bloated rock stars barely register on my radar these days. But seriously, how many drugs do you have to take to make you forget that the old G-n-R guys handed you a second (3rd? 5th?) chance at a career instead of letting you fade into smacked out-oblivion and recording another unlistenable abomination of a solo record. I hope Velvet Revolver takes Scott's suggestion, hires Sebastian Bach, and somehow magically goes on to become the best selling rock band of the decade, just to put an exclamation point on what a dumbass he is. The Weiland jokes practically write themselves, but I can't really say it better than Mike Usinger of straight.com, one of the best/funniest blog posts I've read in ages. Meanwhile, you STP fans can get ready to enjoy the ten gazillionth rendition of "Interstate Love Song." Have fun.

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