Flaming Lips "Just Like Starting Over"

Forgive me, readers, but I'm still a little high on The Flaming Lips show I saw a couple Sundays ago. It was just the cure for the cynicism that sometimes comes from livin' in the city, and like any good show has left gobs of afterglow behind. "Just Like Starting Over" wasn't on the setlist, but you can find it on the Instant Karma collection, which is really solid. And leave it to The Lips to take one of Lennon's most straightforward numbers and make it sound like side two of Magical Mystery Tour.

Flaming Lips "Just Like Starting Over"

Today's graphic from: http://prognar.deviantart.com/.
And another link to some good live Lips.

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Hav you come doon yit?

Happy New Year fi Bonnie Scotland!