SNMNMNM "Addy Will Know"

Annoying monikers aside SNMNMNM (say each letter slowly and aloud) rocks the kind of superb math-rock that you suspected you should have pounded that kid in the front row of social studies for imagining. They don't have a bassist, but they do have a tuba player (seriously). Van Halen my have some bass-player issues at the moment, but they should look no further than this Rochester NY band as to what options they might have. How many high school band nerds across the nation have been waiting for just such an opening as this? How cheap would it be to hire the Widefield High School second-chair baritone player for a 50 city world tour? (Hint: very cheap.) Nobody went into Tuba lessons thinking they were going to get more chicks than Brad Pitt, but rocking out in this band may be just the ticket. Fear not band/math nerds. Redemption is just ahead for those who can keep making annoyingly catchy songs like "Addy Will Know".

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