Peter Bjorn & John/The Bravery

If, like me, you are often forced against your will in the workplace to still listen to terrestrial, commercial radio, then let me say: I feel your pain. But I must say in the last few months I have been encouraged by two great (yes, great) singles bravely played by the programmers on the "alterna-hits" type stations that keep the dim Bic lighter-sized flame of free radio flickering. The first of course is Peter Bjorn & John's airy gem "Young Folks", which I actually heard walking around Borders today (which might mean, [gasp] that several states away, my mother may also be humming it--talk about a crossover). Aside from a delicious sandwich, I first came to know PB&J (ha!) on their 2005 offering Falling Out. It's a great collection of ten indie pop numbers, including a cover of The Concretes' "Teen Love", which is notable as former Concretes singer Victoria Bergsman is the starlet sharing the lead vocal on "Young Folks".

The other track I'm digging is "Time Won't Let Me Go" by The Bravery, which you have no doubt heard a few times yourself by now (I see even VH1 has given it some spins). It may not be sonically groundbreaking, but it rings honest on the pangs of emptiness our slacker generation must feel from time to time in the age of big media. That and (take my word for it) it's a great number for singing at the top of your lungs going down the highway. Like PB&J, this band also had a stellar 2005 release (self-titled) which today's download comes to us from. Check it out.

Peter Bjorn & John "Teen Love"
The Bravery "No Brakes"

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