Junius "At The Age of Decay"

Boston band Junius will release a compilation of some of their stellar EPs this October, and a full-length with Bravery producer Kevin Mills sometime thereafter. And count me among those who cannot wait. This band rocks a certain sonic middleground between classic post-punk juggernauts (The Cure, My Bloody Valentine) and forward-thinking live bands like My Morning Jacket. Part of the splendidly dark aura that often enters their music is mined from unique recording practices that find the band exiling themselves to remote locations to work through their muse (remote farmhouses, cabins, a storge facility, etc). However unorthodox, it works.

I've been taken with nearly every track I've heard from Junius. Part of me knows that their music would have fit right at home in my New Wave, cassette collecting adolescence, and part of me wonders at their concurrently progressive direction. Brilliant stuff. And a fleeting post on this little blog will hardly be the last you hear of them.

Junius "At The Age of Decay"

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