Happy 4/20, with Willie Nelson!

In the town I went to college, 4/20 is almost a religious holiday, with most of the town spending the day giggling and eating copious quantities of Twinkies during an endless game of hackey-sack. Times may have changed for me, but I know there are still many among you here who still toke, bake, take this date very seriously. So in your honor, I present Willie Nelson kicking out some serious reggae jams. I know Willie isn't exactly the fare you're used to finding here, but who better to represent the munchie-struck masses than the Red-Headed Stranger himself? Countryman, despite its misleading title, is Willie's (overlooked) album celebrating the music of Jamaica and the wonders of his favorite recreational drug. Enjoy, and don't bogart your neighbors bong.
Willie Nelson "The Harder They Come"
Willie Nelson "Sitting In Limbo"

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