Zero 7 "This Fine Social Scene"

Was I sleeping when Zero 7 dropped their latest The Garden? I must have been, or was the promotional push for the album, shall we say, understated? Either way, who cares? I was thrilled to find it a couple months ago, and I've been living on a steady diet of it ever since. Taken as a whole, the album has a definite summer glow to it; the sunnier side of downtempo. And while it's not as wholly striking as their 2004 masterpiece When It Falls, or engrossing as their debut, it's nonetheless equally skilled in its song construction, and at least as lush and green as anything they've touched. Featuring contributions from the likes of Nigel Godrich and usual suspect vocalist Sia Furler, I hope this disc won't pass you by the way it did me. Zero 7 "This Fine Social Scene"

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