Tom Waits "Heigh Ho"

I hope I'm not alone in often being completely terrified by Tom Waits. He's a scary dude, and I think he revels in it. But like a great suspense film or book, coming out the other side of his work can make the listener feel all the more alive. His new 3-disc epic Orphans is a treasure trove of these scary bits, and today's offering is a great example. Think back to those merry seven dwarves and their jolly work day hymn...and then listen to how Mr. Waits transforms it into a grueling indictment of the 9 to 5 grind without changing a single original lyric.
Tom Waits "Heigh Ho"


Anonymous said...

It's really one of my favorites that he does.
Ever tune it to the all Tom Waits net-radio show on Monday nights? A gal named SarahV hosts it. Starts 9pm EST, runs for three hours. Just a fyi.

Anonymous said...

O, the Tom Waits show is here:

Flash said...

Never heard it before, but I shall give it a try right now. Thank you!