DJ Tiesto @ Cream Amnesia Ibiza, 8/7/05

I haven't listened to much Tiesto lately, and even if I had,I probably wouldn't go round blabbing about it. Much like politics and religion, Mr. Dutchman has become a quite divisive topic among us clubbers. Thanks to an admittedly fluffy series of sets that include both the Olympics and Disneyworld, there are those among us crying "sellout!" Yet, would you rather see his finely chiseled mug, or that of some random Britney-of-the-moment selling you your cola beverage? (Don't answer too quickly.) I dunno either, but I did meet the lovely Ms. Flash at one of his events, so he'll always have a gram or so of my heart. And his Essential Mixes all open up the can of proverbial whoop ass. Download here.

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