Steve Lawler "Wasted" Promo Mix (2006)

Wasted is an interesting title for this as nary a note is wasted, and it certainly doesn't sound as if Steve is suffering from any particular inebriation, which is more than you can say for many of those in attendance at his appearances (not myself of course...I'm a model of self-restraint...ha!). So here he is my droogies, the pride of Birmingham. Let's cut a rug, eh? Download here.


Carrier MSc said...

Top download that thanks Flash.
We're gearing up for the Edinburgh Festival over here, esp. the Edinburgh Fringe. We r spoiled 4 choice at this time of year. Check out the line up for T on the Fringe, a series of concerts played in and around the city, some in the shadow of the Castle, at http://www.tonthefringe.com/about.html - U need to git urself over here one summer man!

Awl the best - hands across the sea.

Flash said...

Damn. I may pack myself in a box and mail my ass over there. Be careful with razors and sharp oblects if you're soon opening a rather large box from the US.