Sunday Blog Shout Out: The Boys Of Old Bo'ness

Congratulations, today you witness the birth of a new tradition here at Flash Vegas: The Sunday Blog Shout Out (lets hope it fares a bit better than the sickly Cover Choon Thursday). If you look at the top of your screen, you'll note that Blogger provides a funny little function called "Next Blog" which randomly connects you with some other entity throbbing in the mire of cyberspace. Sometimes you end up at the most lifeless, excruciatingly boring blogs on the web, blogs that make you lose your faith in all mankind, and sometimes blogs like today's shout out: simply brilliant.

As anyone close to me since the age of about 8 can tell you, I was born in the wrong country. Sure, America is great and all, but I would have been a fantastic, upstanding citizen of the UK. My love and fascination with our neighbors across the pond is unending, and stumbling across The Boys Of Old Bo'ness has only fueled my fire. Whenever I have a down day, or even a when I'm having a great one, a scant few mouse clicks over to Scotalnd will bring a smile to my face.

To explain more what blog is about, here it is from the authors themselves: "Bo'ness is a quaint wee fishing vilage on the southern shores of the mighty River Forth, some 19 miles west of Edinburgh, Scotland.

This site is an eclectic mix of stories from our past, and modern times, together with links to the usual web nonsense.

The site is written in Bo'ness dialect, much copied by the local author Irvine Welsh in his many novels, most notably Trainspotting (although my personal favourite is still Maribou Stork Nightmares). Indeed, in tribute to the town, Welsh has recently named his new film production company after a well-known Bo'ness taxi firm.

If you have any difficulties in understanding what's going on, please post a comment and we will be happy to assist you."

Do yourself a favor and bookmark this page now. To celebrate, here's a track from another excellent Scottich export: Belle & Sebastian "Marx & Engels"


Carrier MSc said...

Flash u r too kind.
I have, of course, reciprocated since ur site is THE best on the web for music. ORRABEST fi Bonnie Bo'ness!!
ps - If u can post Depeche Mode's blinding set at Coachella u become an honorary Scotsman.

Flash said...

For the honor of honorary Scotsman, I shall labor night and day until I find it.

Carrier MSc said...


By the way, to complete the circle, see here:
B & S shot the fotos for their new album in Bo'ness.
Small world really, ay?

Flash said...

It's like some magical never-never land where you live, eh? Easily the best place I've never been.

WeeGC said...

a guid hi ti wir noo freends fi across the pond. Git yir self oor fir the Bo'ness Fair Day.