Black Sabbath "Snowblind"

There'e been snow here in Vegas on and off for the past few days (and yes, I'm talking about actual precipitation here, not something you can purchase from a guy named Snookie in the bathroom at Glitter Gulch). It's only snow in the academic sense; it's white, cold, and falls from the sky. But as it never accumulates, it's probably insulting to you Easterners to call it snow. Nonetheless, it's been awfully chilly as Vegas goes, and it's hard not to feel for the hordes of tourists who flood our fair city on an hourly basis, particularly this weekend as 150,000 mullet-sporting NASCAR hooligans invaded to watch (I think) the Lowe's car beat the Home Depot Car, the Frosted Flakes car, the Tampax car and the Weekend at Bernie's II car. Nothing better than watching cars go round in a circle for hours on end. Great use of our ever-dwindling fossil fuels, no?

Black Sabbath "Snowblind"

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D said...

I have friends who have lived in Vegas for over 13 years, and I only this month got out there to visit them. Ironically, the very weekend you mention here. Snow in Vegas is not something I'd have ever expected to see. But regardless, it was a great trip, and I got some very cool pics of snow-covered cacti.

You have a very cool blog here!