Herbie Hancock, Nice, France 7/21/1971

Holy Guacamole Batman! Has it really been so long since the last post? You'll have to forgive me, gentle reader. I just finished moving across town, and it was certainly a move for the better. You can see almost the entire Vegas Valley from my new back porch, nestled in the western-most foothills of the area. Beautiful. But now that the ol' computer is up and running again and things are settling down, posts should resume as usual (note I said 'should').

Here's an abstract, adventurous classic gem from the Mighty Mr. Hancock. The second half in particular really goes into outer space. Happy February.

Right click and "Save file as...": Part One, Part Two.

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Brad said...

"Palm Grease" from "Thrust" is totally badass. In fact the entire "Thrust" album is pretty incredible.