Cover Choon Thursday: Rolling Stones

Several installments of the still-young (if infrequent) Cover Choon Thursday have indirectly featured the Rolling Stones, and as if to put an end to such nonsense, today we directly feature the boys themselves. Hot off their forgettable performance on the world's largest stage (Super Bowl XL), comes this tried and true run-through of Muddy Waters' classic "Mannish Boy." The punchline here is that it appears on the newish Starbucks-produced album "Rarities", but this version has actually been featured on at least two other Stones albums. Whatever. We like to give them shit because they're older than dirt, but they're still the Stones, and my generation would be lucky to remember a band that meant as much. We'll explore my indirect admission of guilt (visiting Starbucks, regularly) at another date.
Rolling Stones: Mannish Boy (Live)

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